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Home or Commercial Air Conditioning & Heating in Irving, TX

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At Henry's Service All, we've assembled a team of talented technicians ready to meet your residential and commercial heating and cooling requirements as well as whole house remodeling needs. We provide a full range of services for our new and returning customers, and the nearby DFW area. Reliable technicians will help you understand the current condition of your air conditioning, furnace, or heating and cooling system. If replacement is a more cost-effective option, we'll go over your heating and cooling choices to find a solution that works within your budget.
Our HVAC services include:
  • Regular A/C checkups
  • Summer and Winter HVAC checkups.
  • Any HVAC repairs
  • Thermostat Replacements
  • Reme (Air Purification System) installations
  • Honeywell whole house filtrations systems (Change your filter only twice per year)
  • HVAC System replacements
  • HVAC System installations
  • Mini Split Ductless AC system
What is a Reme- Halo and a Reme- Guardian?
The Reme unit is a new revolutionary product that uses new or “break-through” technology. We as a society have been taught to be skeptic of such bold statements.
Hydroperoxides have been in our environment since God created the earth. You need oxygen, water and energy (the sun rays) which creates hydroperoxides. The Reme does just that. The ionized-hydro-peroxides TM are 97% to 99% effective against H1N1, swine flu, ecoli, strep, sars, mold and, odors (house chemicals, pets cooking) voc’s (paint, new carpet), dust, and smoke.
Why should you get a Reme-Halo or a Reme- Guardian?
Do you have allergies, sneezing, puffy morning eyes, dusting all the time, passing cold, flu from one person to another? Do you want cleaner air, cleaner surfaces, less dusting? Then do what major hospitals (99% of staph), US city schools (20% less absentees), and the US Military (mold protection in field hospitals) do. Does Henry, the owner of HSA have one? Yes! Does Henry think this is one of the best products since sliced bread? Absolutely!!
What is a Ductless System?
Also known as a mini split system it is similar to a regular system with an outside condenser and one to four indoor units with blowers mounted high on the wall. They differ because they do not require ducts and mount like a window unit without having to use a window or tearing up walls.
Why should you would consider a Ductless System?
The noise level is barely audible, they are very energy efficient and use eco-friendly Freon. It comes with its own remote to control the air in the room and a one condenser system works perfectly for a large room, office or any other area around 650 sq ft.
What is a variable speed motor Furnace (VSMF)?
The furnace is the heart of the system. Its motor can use 7 watts ($6.48 per mouth) compared to a conventional motor using 750 watts ($64.80 per month). When a system thermostat (brain of the system) communicates to the furnace, a high humidity condition exists. The VSMF takes care of that problem.
Why should you buy a (VSMF)?
You can save up to 10 times the electrical operating cost. 90% of wear and tear to a motor is on startup, running 24/7 eliminates this. VSMF helps eliminate hot and cold spots in the home if ran 24/7. VSMF does a better job of filtering the air you breath if ran 24/7. VSMF makes an a/c system overall more efficient.
HVAC service contract repair and replacement services will further enhance your savings.Installation of a new energy efficient system will drastically reduce your utility bills. While we're an authorized dealer of American Standard and Ruud HVAC products, we repair or replace the following brands:
  • American Standard
  • Lennox
  • Mitsubishi
  • Goodman
  • Janitrol
  • RUUD
  • Trane
  • Rheem
  • Coleman
  • Arco Aire
  • Carrier
  • York
  • Payne
  • Bryant
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